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4646SCA STUFF STOLEN - Forwarded by request

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  • Dave Roland
    Dec 3, 2009
      Greetings all!
      Please forgive the SPAM but I wanted to make sure this gets to as many
      people as possible.

      A personal trailer that contained items belonging to the Kingdom of
      Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) and the Barony of Namron (Oklahoma City,
      OK) was stolen out of a driveway last night. Please keep your eyes open for
      the following items on eBay, Craig's List, or anywhere else they might turn

      - The trailer is a white 5x8 box trailer with a red SCA sticker on the
      upper left corner of the door.
      - *Kingdom* (primary heraldry is a black star on a gold background)
      Kingdom Pavilion
      Her Throne
      Kneeling Pillow
      Black box of largess
      Banner (Not main banner box)
      - *Namron* (primary heraldry is a tornado)
      Baronial Pavilion
      Hat box with 3 coronets
      Feast gear box with feast gear
      - *Personal*
      Award Regalia
      Heavy Armor
      Rapier Armor
      2 Rapiers, Dagger, Buckler
      Combat Crossbow and bolts
      Bed w/ mattress
      Camping gear

      If you find any items, please contact:
      Baron Donnchadh
      MKA Shawn Cornelius
      3101 SW 124th St.
      Oklahoma City, OK 73170

      In Service,
      Ysabeau of Prague
      Barony of Bryn Gwlad