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4628What do Retainers do for the Crown?

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  • young
    Nov 22, 2009
      Howdy All!

      We had a few questions about what you actually do when you volunteer to be a retainer.

      I thought these were both good websites that describe some of what you might be asked to help with at an event:

      What Makes a Good Retainer and Why?

      Retainer 101:

      Some of this is probably more than what you will need to do if you are showing up at an event and volunteering then. You'll still need to pay site fee despite volunteering. Pretty much just be willing to help the Crown or Coronet.

      To learn about the Crown look here:

      To learn about the Coronet look here:

      This would be really good for any of us to read. Would be a great way to help out our Baron and Baroness once we have landed nobles for Ayreton.

      Hope that helps! Have fun! It is a great way to spend part of your day and it is always appreciated.