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4614Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton and Pennsic

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  • Sir Ix
    Nov 11, 2009
      Unto the Barony of Ayreton,

      In response to the missive below from Lord Henry, I would ask the
      people of Ayreton to consider camping with the Midlands. Either as a
      separate group or as a part of the Midlands land. The people of
      Ayreton are an integral part of the Midlands and it would be a great
      thing for us all to be together at Pennsic in support of the Crown.
      Please consider this option and thank you for your time

      In Service to his Crown, Kingdom, Region, Barony, Canton and Household
      - Ix

      >Greetings everyone,
      >I know, here it is not even Thanksgiving and I am talking Pennsic. :)
      >As I have mentioned at one or two baronial meetings, the plan is to
      >have an Ayreton camp at Pennsic. No, we don't know for sure where we
      >will be (but area B-4 is the front runner currently). I have been
      >informed that the day pre-reg opens on Jan 1st, we can get Ayreton
      >added as an option. I will post more as it happens.
      >In service,
      >Henry of Exeter

      Sir Ixtilixochitl
      Middle Kingdom - http://www.midrealm.org
      Midlands - http://www.themidlands.org
      House Terrae Finis - http://www.terraefinis.org
      March of Lochmorrow - http://www.lochmorrow.org
      KSCA, OP

      Bo Ring
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