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4606Fwd: [Mid] History Classes for RUM, Feb 2009

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  • jeffnaggie@aol.com
    Nov 9, 2009

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      Subject: [Mid] History Classes for RUM, Feb 2009

      I am looking for instructors interested in teach a history class at the upcoming RUM which will be held at the Marche of Alderford's Masque of Courtly Love, February 20, 2009. The pool of topics on the history of the Middle Ages is wide open. I am looking forward to a diverse slate of classes. Thank you for your consideration. Please fill out the information below so that I might get your class on the schedule. 
      Please contact me privately at: catriona@... 
      Preferred Time: 
      Class Title: 
      SCA name: 
      Real life Name: 
      Class Description: 
      Materials or handouts fee? 
      Class limit? 
      Yours in Service to the Midrealm, 
      Baroness Catriona nicHugh Mclaey, Dean of History 
      From: Marti Livingstone <catriona@...
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