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  • AndreAllen@aol.com
    Oct 27, 2009
      This may be so totally out of date that's is off-topic, but do please remember Gene's Sausage on, I believe, Irving; about 5000 west.  Iago knows.

      Sonya, from the western hinterlands... where our mighty huntress Moxie flushes out rabbits regularly.  She doesn't share, though, alas!

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      I was going to get 12 chuck roasts (2-3 lbs each). I've found them online for $13 at venisonsteaks.com.
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      Is this price for “dressed” or live Rabbits?
      How soon are you expecting to procure the venison?
      Hunting season has just opened and we have been fortunate to have gotten a deer the past three years.  They have provided us with plenty of venison for camp at war these past few years.  Perhaps Herne will grace us again this season.
      How much venison are you looking for? 
      Dagan and Mica

      they say they have 6-7lb bunnies for $18.50. I'm gonna find my way over there to check it out.

      5955 W. Fullerton
      Chicago ILL 60639
      (773) 622-2813

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