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442Lost Recipients for Scrolls

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  • David Roland
    Nov 2, 2006
      Forwarded by request.

      Greetings from the College of Scribes! The following scrolls have
      been undeliverable for some time, and will be sent for archival
      storage unless claimed. If your name, or the name of someone you know
      how to contact, is on this list, please contact the College at
      scribe@westkingdom. org. Thank you!!

      Name Possible Kingdom
      Aetheria the Unremembered An Tir
      Arielle de Chantre Midrealm
      Diantha Sylvana Galatea Athalie de Castalia Caid
      Eric Edmundsson Outlands
      Eric the Wanderer of the Flying Dragon's Cave unknown
      Germaine Jambert l'Innocent unknown
      Ian Domhnall East
      Jeosigh Padraig MacCruimein Atenveldt
      Jevon Fairbairn Caid
      Karolyn Johnston of Lindley Atlantia
      Katryn of Scandia unknown
      Konrad MacGriffin Outlands
      Lewis Whitaker Caid
      Maeve ferch Morgan unknown
      Morgan Starbridge An Tir
      Raoul de Urbane Caid
      Rianna van Heiniken An Tir
      Ruben ben Yosef the Khuzar An Tir
      Willian the Wanderer Caid