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4272Foxhunt V and Thanks, You are All my New Best Friend

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  • jeffnaggie@aol.com
    Aug 30, 2009
      Every time I do this, I can't think of ways to say thank you enough.  We had so many "good jobs" from people yesterday and "I had a great time".  Even with the "oops's" which I must claim complete responsibility for, people had fun.  For that, thank you.
      I know it took a great deal of work to make the event happen, and all of you did it with a smile and with good humor.  No one complained about being tired, (well, maybe me) you all worked unbelievable hard and pulled together.
      Gwen, who not only served but grilled and then served.
      Franscesca, who stayed 'til the bitter end, mopping the kitchen....not an easy task...after working troll all day.
      Birghetta, who organized the merchants.  Who knows how many problems she solved before they became problems.
      Moose, who maybe got up from troll...once, if that.
      Gerailt and Sandra, who Ihelped Elaine clean the main hall, and the bathrooms so that by the time I was finished loading stuff with Gareth...it was DONE!  You have no idea how much I appreciated that.
      Xavier, who went into the dark dank trailers out in the depths of "who knows where" to go table wrestling.  Single handedly, I believe. After running thrown weapons.
      Gareth, who marshalled, then grilled, then toted and lifted and carried.
      Kathy, who yet again ran children's and along with the Alicia, Emily and her their Grandma, moved chairs, and then moved more chairs.  And carried tables.
      Ryan, who did move of the same, and then more on top of that.
      Bojei, who dropped by, just to say "hi" even while prepping for a wedding.
      Heather, Kuji and Keena - whose banner painting was spectacular and made their presence felt throughout the event.
      Thorvald and Mary, giving their support by simply being there....
      Richard, Ansel, Kara - WOW!  Who cooked, and cooked, and cooked.  Not just yesterday but Friday evening along with Kathy, Emily and Alicia until 2:30 a.m.  And then cleaned.  And packed.  A lot.
      Elaine - Who walked the cliffs of insanity with me.  Thanks for not letting me fall.  It could've been a long way down.
      And that's just us.  Please remember it wasn't just a Foxvale event - it was an Ayreton event.  Nadezda arranged for JP to show up with seige.  Which brought more fighters, and then ran lunch, with Master Hal, and Henry.  (Way yum on the Scotch Eggs!)
      Doughal ran archery, all day.  And provided a scroll to give out to the Fox shoot winner.  I wish I asked who created it.  It was beautiful.
      I saw many other thrown weapons marshals helping out when duties pulled Xavier away.  Sadly, I don't know all of their names.
      Baron Ettienne, who demonstrated pewter throughout the day, teaching his art and also sharing his talent.
      Sir Fern, Master Robyyan and Maestra Ghita, who should have sat in a place of honor and yet served feast with grace, style and good humor.
      Master Sean, who ran youth combat, even though injured.
      Jane the Tall and the Ayreton Angels made the day safer and more comfortable for all.  And found a way to be in more place then one at a time.
      Henry stepped in to marshal for Gareth, when there was a horrific contact incident. And then taught scribal classes....
      The Silken Petals, headed up by Akiko....who bring more and more to Foxhunt each year, with honor and grace.  Their willingness to share their talents is overwhelming.
      Those from Ravenslake, Aryerton, Illiton who taught classes.  And merchanted.
      Those people who heralded, I would wish I had all of your names to share.
      Those who taught classes, giving of themselves.
      Those who served feast - not just from Foxvale,not just from Aryeton and Ravenslake,  but from Athelington and Illiton and then cleaned and moved tables.  More than once.  And chairs.  Often.  Many of whom, return year after year to serve feast.
      The Pippens, led by Gianetta (congrats on the authorization, my new sister in armor!) who entertained while the feast "hall" was being set.  Many of whom also taught classes throughout the day...I could not have asked for better instructors and a better range of classes.
      It wasn't just an Ayreton event - it was a Midland's event. 
      Master Alexander - who merchanted, marshalled to help out and loaned us a herald's banner for the day.
      Master Cerian, Lady Marie, (and from home...Lady Hilla, and Court and Country) who entertained.
      Those who stepped in to carry this and move that, even without being asked, even if I didn't know your names.
      It wasn't just a Midland's event - it was a kingdom event.
      Baron JP - who brought his weapons so more may learn the arts of seige. Those who came to help.
      Mistress Rhiannon - who (by the way has writtent the upcoming MK Chatelaine's handbook) sat feast, again with good humor  and style in our "head-less" table.
      For all of you who came, and taught, and shared and laughed, and worked and smiled, and sang, and shopped and merchanted, and for those I rudely forgot to thank..THANK YOU.  And THANK YOU again.  We are Foxvale, we are Ayreton, we are the Midlands, we are the Middle Kingdom!  We are the Society!  "Nuff" said!
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