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4259new person from Rokkehealden needs a ride

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  • schultz6755
    Aug 26 4:50 AM
      Hello Ayreton,

      I reached out to Rokkehealden, and I thought I would try all of Ayreton, as well. We recently had a visitor to a Rokkehealden A&S night, Jen; she is interested in learning calligraphy and illumination. She would like to attend Fox Hunt, her first-ever event, but would prefer to carpool. She is from Oak Park. She would like to come out for part of the day but cannot stay for feast. I would like to help her out with a ride, but I am planning to arrive early for setup and stay for feast and later.

      If she lives in your general area and her timing matches yours for the event, would you be willing to carpool with her? If so, will you please contact me with your email address so that I can put the two of you in touch?