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4221Re: [Ayreton] Request for donations - old Pennsic T-shirts!

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  • Fern
    Aug 12, 2009
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      Thanks, Gianetta, for organizing this noble cause!
      Our King has asked the Chivalry to spread the message on other mailing lists, for the sake of assisting William Raine in this difficult time.
      I'm sure that this will be a very popular project! If the other baronies can also thinks of ways to support William, he will be able to relax and to concentrate on his full recovery.
      For Gianetta's project, let me remind you that outgrown Tshirts are just as good as any, and that stains and holes in the Tshirt can be discarded!
      best wishes,

      --- On Wed, 8/12/09, Jen Small <jenrsmall@...> wrote:

      From: Jen Small <jenrsmall@...>
      Subject: [Ayreton] Request for donations - old Pennsic T-shirts!
      To: Ayreton@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 12:12 PM

      Good citizens of Ayreton, I send greetings!

      As you may have heard, one of the unbelt fighters, William Raine, was felled on the Pennsic field of battle, and is currently receiving medical care (see the note below).  To support his recovery, I would like to make a quilt from old Pennsic t-shirts (the older the better!) and present this for auction ASAP.

      Please look through the darkest regions of your closet, and see if you have that old Pennsic t-shirt that you no longer wear regularly.  I would love to collect shirts from as many years as possible!

      Let me know if you have a shirt you'd like to donate.  Thanks for your donations, and our warm thoughts to William during his recovery.

      Yours in service,


      > From: Ted Bouck <syrtheo@windstream. net>
      > Subject: Re: [ChivNet] Help for the fallen unbelt William
      > To: chivnet@midrealm. org
      > Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 9:28 PM

      > Good and Noble Chivalry of the Midrealm,
      > A Son of the Dragon has fallen whilst supporting King and
      > Crown, his name
      > is William Raine. He fought hard and well all Pennsic, and
      > during a
      > charge in the unbelts Champions battle on Friday, his
      > collar bone was
      > broken. Everyone who knows Will likes him, for he is
      > honourable,
      > chivalrous, and always helpful.
      > Queen Runa and I are sponsoring an Auction to be held at
      > Our ToC, in the
      > Barony of Flaming Gryphon, at the Harvest Day event. This
      > auction is to
      > raise money to help Will and his family pay his medical
      > bills. We ask
      > that if you have a donation for this auction, please let
      > Iarll Sir Ullr
      > know. Ullr has agreed to be Our point man for organizing
      > the donations
      > and the auction proper! We understand that times are rough,
      > please only
      > do what you can.
      > The Heart of the Dragon is Strong, and Serves to protect
      > its
      > children!
      > EikBrandr and Runa
      > Rex et Regina

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