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4219Re: [Ayreton] Pennsic Shout Outs

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  • Jen Small
    Aug 12, 2009
      Thanks for mentioning, Sarafina!  The Pippins had a great time performing -- we sang at two different locations during Midnight Madness... and made $7!  (woo hoo!)  And, we were honored to be able to entertain the crowds before court as well.

      I had a great time at Pennsic, especially seeing Pennsic through the lens of children's activities.  Alec and I took several classes at Youth Point (Alec's comment: "I didn't know there were PROJECTS at Pennsic!"), and we attended the Children's Fete on Wednesday.  I was blown away by the donations of materials and time by those dedicated to children's activities.  It was a lot of fun, and Alec loved making a viking boat that actually floated, and winning a prize!!  Alec also went to the archery range with Ignatz several times, and was the youngest kid shooting on the range. 

      I taught a class (How to Look Like You Stepped Out of a Painting), which went very well --about 30 people attended -- and I led the class but also had a bit of a roundtable.  I also attended a class (breast support in period).

      Aidan crawled a lot and looked cute :)

      I had a wonderful time at the Ayreton party, thanks everyone for coming, sharing food, and good conversation and celebration!


      From: Sarafina Sinclair <Sarafina.Sinclair@...>
      To: Ayreton@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:49:53 AM
      Subject: [Ayreton] Pennsic Shout Outs


      Hola Party People,
      The [incipient] barony was represented well this Pennsic. Here are the few things I remember so far. Please feel free to add or correct what I've posted.
      Richard de Scolay (please forgive me if I spelled your name wrong) made an awesome banner which he, Susanna, Fern, and Etienne marched in with for opening ceremonies.
      Our gate guards for royal were fierce and kept the Crown safe. Etienne safely thwarted the Fools Parade from entering Midroyal later in the week.
      Henry, Sabah, and Gavin were on the unbelt team this year.
      Neko-Me was created a companion of the order of the Dragon's Heart.
      The Pippens performed during Midnight Madness and during the Court Pre-game show.
      Cocktail party before Midnight Madness at House Raeburn was well attended and quite fun.
      Ayreton Fighter Support (Jane, Anne, Dougal, Susanna, Philippa, Isabel and a host of others) did an awesome job of making sure our fighters were well taken care of. The fighters were very appreciative (it's always nice to get compliments) and it was fun to be out on the field. They even received props from the chirurgeons that were on-hand. They took care of anyone out there, not just our guys and it was certainly noticed. We had these nifty bags full of magical stuff (like duct tape and band-aids) that made being out there easier as well as loads of gatorade. Please consider making a donation of $$ or supplies in the future to help keep it going.
      In short, a good time was had by all.
      In Service,

      Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, OL
      http://ladysarafina .home.att. net

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