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  • Wendy Pastrick
    Aug 10, 2009
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      Ah, Pennsic....

      Arrived just *after* all the rain, so setup while a bit squishy, wasn't bad at all. Once the mud dried up some, our tent stakes even stayed in! However, the ever present scent of horse "goo" in the mud will not be missed at all.

      It was a whole different Pennsic for us this year - new camp, new friends, no kids in tow. Yeah, Party Pennsic by night for sure and camping by the lake was a whole new experience as well. Not to say we didn't do typical Pennsic things! We just didn't have to crawl back up the hill each night to go 'home'.

      For me, I managed to do some shopping (3 pair of new shoes!), took a couple of classes (which I will *totally* be stealing material from), taught and supported a class in Saidi Stick dancing, did some retainer duty for both Opening Ceremonies and Court, made it out the archery range with the Midrealm (15 points! Holey Moley!), got to practice a bit of henna on myself and others, tied several pink ribbons on folks at Midnight Madness (for Duchess Ariel) and made a lot of new friends while still managing to visit almost all my good fellows :)

      I believe I have also finally found something to study IN PERIOD that will capture my interest. But, you will have to ask me about in person when you see me...

      On another note - I did loose my bow case and bow stringer. If anyone found it at MR Royal (I left it on one of the palettes behind the POD) it is fabric, army drab green with a yellow squiggly bit as decoration near the top and the bow stringer was inside. Nothing expensive or grand, just would be nice to have back.


      (who has also realized I just need a nickname of some sort since no one really uses "Jale" and "Wendy" isn't really even peri-oid. And cupcake is right out so just forget it.)
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