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4199Scribal Classes at Fox Hunt. :)

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  • Patricia E. Chadwick
    Aug 9, 2009

      Greetings One and All,

      As you unpack and finish laundry – mark your calendar (August 29,2009)  and plan attending the Fox Hunt event. 

      It’s laid back and lots of fun.  Great place to tell the No Sh** Stories and share the fun you had at war.   I’m including the link so you can get more details.


      I’ve also included the C & I schedule as it’s not up on the event site yet. I know the web minister of went to war.   I have it in pdf if anyone wants it that way.  Send me an email to Scribewithgold [at] gmail [dot] com.

      In Service,

      THL Akiko who’s looking forward to seeing many friends. J

      C & I Class Schedule

      Presented for your learning pleasure


      The Household Silken Petals

      Scribal Roundtable will be on going throughout the day from 10:00 to 3:00.

      Anyone is welcome to come and work on a project. Chat? Try out a new skill or show off something you learned how to do. It’s very informal and a nice place to gather and network. Please no food or drink at the scribal table.

      Scribal Coloring Book will be available for purchase.

      Cost: $3.00 to cover cost of printing and binding.

      Description: A collection of line art and possible scroll boarder to practice your new and current skills.

      YOUTH: If there are youth who are interested in scribal classes, please contact Akiko directly. See email under diapering. No formal youth classes as of yet.


      Class Title



      Cost/What to bring?

      Class Size


      How to do an Award Scroll

      Beginner introduction how to make an award scroll for the MK.

      Sargent Henry of Exeter


      Max. 20


      Introduction to Calligraphy

      Beginner introduction of how to do calligraphy

      Lady Philippa of Otterbourne,




      Introduction of how to do gold work.

      Lady Ambr Stormwatch


      Limit 6 adults only.

      1:00 – 1:45


      Introduction to diapering.

      This will be hands‐on.

      THL Akiko Catherine O’Brien &

      Lady Elianora Saunfayle

      If you have art supplies, please bring it. I will have some supplies available for use. Contact Akiko at Scribewithgold@... for additional information.

      If you have art supplies, please bring it. I will have some supplies available for use.

      Limit is based on material at hand.

      2:00 – 2:45

      Shades of Shading

      Beginner introduction of how to shade.

      Lady Fiona Caoindealbhain


      #1 round brush

      3:00 – 3:45

      Basic White Work

      Beginner introduction how to do white work.

      Lady Isabel of Kenniston


      #0 Red Sable Brush

      Limit 6 adults. On‐lookers ok.