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4196Ayreton Guards for Midrealm Royal Encampment - Thanks

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  • Craig
    Aug 9, 2009
      Greetings All!

      This was a wonderful Pennsic with great moments for our Incipient Barony. An example was our ability as a group to stand guard at Midrealm Royal for an entire day. A service, by the way, that no other groups offered. So, well done!

      Many thanks for the people who worked a shift, including:

      Dougal MacAlister
      Eoghan O'Siodhochain
      Etienne le Couteau des Roches
      Gareth O'Shaughnessy
      Gareth Oswestly
      Griffin Warren
      Hilary of Langeford
      Katherine von Schlosserwald
      Nadezda Zezastrizl
      Nicholaa Halden
      Richard de Scolay
      Susanna the Short of Sussex
      Tacit Darby

      Thanks also to our back-up guards:

      Dunstan Bramblette
      Emmiken die Waeyer
      Etienne le Couteau des Roches

      I heard over and over again how happy they were to have our help.

      Of course, I also heard a number of times how the East was likely to invade during my shiftÂ… and here I thought I was an imposing and frightful guard!

      Your Servant to Command,
      ~Philip White