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4165ToH practice schedule for War

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  • Clint Anderson
    Jul 22, 2009

      So the question was asked:

      Will there be a Thieves of Hearts fencing practice, next week?

      And while responding to one fellow is good I thought I'd pass this message on to everyone while I was thinking of it.  Tuesday night practices at the school are canceled till as Captain Liam  is at Pennsic and we do not have access to the school without him.

      Practices will resume on August 18th.  I know, I know, we could technically have practice on the 11th as we are all back in town but most everyone will have had a belly full of fighting at war and will have a TON of laundry and cleaning to do so it's just easier to skip that one.

      Thieves, for you that means Tuesday the 11th be at the Captains unloading the trailer!

      Please help me pass this message on to anyone I may have missed as I'd hate to have people showing up and hanging out in the parking unnecessarily.

      Thank you all, and Draco Invictus!

      Anton du Marais  

      > Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 22:16:09 -0400
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      > Hello
      > Will there be a Thieves of Hearts fencing practice, next week?

      Anton du Marais 

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