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4079Expectations for the Landed Nobility of Ayreton

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  • Craig
    Jun 25, 2009
      Greeting All!

      One of our requirements for advancement to Barony is that we state our expectations for the Landed Nobility of Ayreton.

      Our last newsletter was about the Landed Nobility and included letters from the populace as well as sitting Nobles from throughout the Kingdom. It is an excellent source of information so please read it. You can use this last newsletter as a starting point to know what is important to you.

      Newsletter available online at the Ayreton website:


      What have other groups done?

      Mostly they have about a half page document – five to ten points – that lists what they would like the Baron and/or Baroness to do. They are what you would probably expect – things like "Support the Barony, Attend Baronial Meetings, Encourage Growth, Attend Baronial Events" and the such.

      As time permits, we will brainstorm expectations after our Charter discussions but before our Baronial meetings in July and September with a goal of having our expectations ready for vote at the September Baronial meeting. We will likely use some of the techniques we used for the Charter so please come to these next two meetings.

      See you soon,