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3900Calling all leather workers

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  • kiltie_celt
    May 2, 2009
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      As a beginning leather worker, I was searching for veg-tanned un-dyed shoulders for making arrow quivers. I searched around and found a great little place in the middle of Chicago that sells all manner of hides for great prices. Newberger Bros., Inc. currently has 5-7 ounce veg-tanned un-dyed shoulders which are being sold for the rock bottom price of $3/square foot. My contact person at Newberger is a guy named Phil Fonseca (contact info at the end of the post). So far I've purchased three hides between 10 and 13 square feet for an average cost of about $35. My instructor Baron Etienne tells me this is an EXCELLENT price for a whole shoulder of this weight. He encouraged me to post this info on here. Unfortunately, Newberger is no longer going to carry 5-7 ounce veg-tanned shoulders and is instead going to start carrying heavier 8-10 ounce shoulders. So, all the 5-7 ounce he has in stock is priced to go. He doesn't have a whole lot left so if you're interested I suggest you contact him immediately so you can buy some hides at this great price while you can. When I bought my last two hides yesterday we noticed that many of the hides are a bit larger than 10 - 13 square feet so be prepared to pay a bit more than I did. Remember, these are selling for $3 a square foot. I was also able to pick up a nice distressed brown whole back hide for $20. Again, he doesn't have much in distressed hides because the aren't in style right now, but tell him what you want and he'll probably be able to find something for you. Anyway, don't wait too long. Phil told me that if someone came to him to buy a bunch of hides for making some kind of knick-knacks or whatever he might sell out very quickly. Don't wait! Another good reason to buy here is that Newberger is the "little guy," not some big faceless chain like Tandy. They're suffering in this bad economy just like the rest of us. Anyway, off my soapbox - here's the contact information:

      Newberger Bros., Inc.
      2108 W. Fullerton Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60647

      Phil Fonseca (773) 489-4100

      Easiest way to find them is to get off of 90/94 at Fullerton and head east. They are literally the very first place you can turn into (left side of the road) just after the overpass. It's a little fenced in lot that doesn't look like much, right next to the huge red brick building that takes up the whole corner of Fullerton and Elston. Entrance is on Fullerton - ring the buzzer and they'll let you in - Phil will come down and show you into the warehouse.

      Matt Campbell