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3827Rites of Spring Volunteers

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  • Craig
    Apr 7, 2009
      Howdy All!

      Ayreton would like to offer our services to the Barony of Illiton for their event – Rites of Spring. This is also where the Midlands Regional A&S Faire and the Midlands Regional Archery Championship are being held.

      I have been in touch with the event steward and they are very happy to have our support. They could use some help with troll, feast servers, and clean up.

      You can contact the activity coordinators directly:

      Troll: Moricea Marceala De La Vail jabrodbeck@...
      Feast Servers: Fuyutsukime Hattori moonflake1978@...

      They mentioned clean up would be nice – though they understand many of us will want to get back onto the road and make a safe trip home.

      Go Ayreton! Continue being good neighbors!


      Event Website for reference:
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