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3820Fw: SCA Inquiry

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  • Nadezda
    Apr 6, 2009
      For anyone interested in things Roman...

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      >From: Kevin Williams <kevinw@...>
      >Sent: Apr 6, 2009 10:05 AM
      >To: nadezda_z@...
      >Subject: SCA Inquiry
      >I was wondering if you could post this message on your group message board.
      >We had the delightful opportunity to work with your group at the January
      >Roman Masque event, and I want to expand our relationship with the SCA in
      >the Chicago area.
      >Hello to everyone! We are having a meeting Saturday April 18th around
      >5:00ish. I want to extend an invitation to all local SCA members with an
      >interest in Roman Legionary Reenactment. We are looking for anyone with a
      >passion for ancient history, and for doing living history presentations and
      >displays. We represent Legio Decima (Legion Ten) during the Roman Civil
      >wars of the Late Roman Republic, the Tenth having been the most renowned
      >legion of the Late Republican era. For information on our group you can
      >also check out our website at www.romechicago.com
      ><http://www.romechicago.com/> . There are no membership dues or fees, we
      >only ask that you strive for historical authenticity in your impression and
      >be over 18 years old. We do not typically have combat involved with our
      >living history displays, however a small amount is done during drilling and
      >practice, as well as at a few events throughout the year. This is an
      >exciting time to join Roman Reenactment as 2009 is the 2000th anniversary of
      >the Battle of the Teutoberger Wald in which 3 legions were whipped out by
      >german tribesmen, and there are a number of large events around the country
      >this year in german communities celebrating this victory. If you are
      >interested in joining as a legionary, civilian, auxiliary, "barbarian", ect.
      >please either e-mail me at kev.kmw@..., or call me at 630-297-3574.
      >We hope to work with the SCA on future events as well since most SCA
      >personas could easily be used as gallic or german allies/enemies.
      >Let me know if this is possible to post, or if you know of anyone in your
      >group who might be interested!
      >Kevin Williams
      >Leg X Fre/Equ
      >Rome Chicago