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3812Stone Dog Inn Class Schedule

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  • Doug Valenta
    Apr 2, 2009
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      Good gentles,
      Below find the class schedule for Stone Dog Inn. None of the classes has a fee!

      EAST LOUNGE (2nd floor)
      10am-11am English Dances, Quintias
      11am-12pm (Closed)
      12pm-1pm Italian Dances, Quintias
      1pm-2pm (Closed)
      2pm-3pm English Country Dance in a Square, Master Philip White

      BOARDROOM (2nd floor)
      10am-11am SCA Etiquette, Henry of Exeter & Dougal
      11am-12pm German Peasant's War, Emmiken die Waeyer

      3RD FLOOR VESTIBULE (outside the theater)
      12pm-1pm Beginning Sausage Making, Tacit Darby

      If you are planning on teaching a class, or are listed above as
      teaching a class, and you find this schedule surprising, please
      contact me off list as soon as possible! I hope to see everyone
      Saturday, and please don't forget our new A&S display in the West
      Lounge (2nd floor) in addition to classes!

      In service,
      Lord Gregoras