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3803Updates on the XL Celebration (March 31)

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  • Fern
    Mar 31, 2009
      Dear Aryeton,
      Here are some March updates to keep everyone informed about the Midrealm XL Year Celebration.  

      Date: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
      Location: University of Chicago campus, Ida Noyes Hall, all three floors, all day, and Rockefeller Chapel for Court.
      Site fee: $5 members. $8 non-members.
      Because this is such a big event, and because it will involve lots of out-of-town people, I am trying to promote good communication among all of Aryeton. This is an Areyton event, and we will all be needed as hosts, guides, and local experts to help everyone have a good time. Many people have thought of great ideas for this event and I am exceeding grateful for all the help and the advice! We are still in the planning stages at this time. I expect things to firm up quickly after the next Crown Tourney, when we actually know who will be the reigning monarchs at our event.

      Because of the interest from across the kingdom, and because of returning friends from out of kingdom, I anticipate 600 people for this event.  Fortunately, the site is huge, and the weather in October might allow us to expand outdoors. (Or maybe not?)

      This event is to honor the 40th year of the Midrealm, and in addition to celebrate the daughter kingdoms of Calontir, Ealdormere, and Northshield. The goal is to bring out the senior members of the Kingdoms, to meet the famous people who are reknowned in song and story. We are encouraging the participation of people from all over the kingdom. This event will have lots of opportunities for conversation, for shmoozing, and for laughter. There will be no sitting feast, but 3 or more taverns will serve food all day. Lots of merchants, too.

      We are planning event activities celebrating each of the decades, roughly corresponding to the dates when we joined the SCA, and promoting interactions between the members of each era.
      m    1st Decade: 1969-1979
      m    2nd Decade: 1979-1989
      m    3rd Decade: 1989-1999
      m    4rd Decade: 1999-2009

      Proposed Site Plan for Ida Noyes:

      1st Floor:
      Entry hall--check-in tables. Possible location of Youth Tourney in case of bad weather.
      Cloister Club--Merchants (half of the room), Tavern (quarter of the room), History Displays (quarter of the room)
      Main kitchen--Tavern #1.
      Reception room, carpeted--Populace area, Tavern #2, possible storytelling area.
      Library--Populace area, Rendezvous room, Displays on wall.
      Cloakroom--To Be Determined. Vigils? Gold Key? Storage room?
      Cloister, outdoors--Tournaments (Youth, 4th Decade, Baronial Challenge)

      2nd floor:
      Central lounge--To Be Determined. Storytelling area?
      Hallway behind central lounge--Display for Great Book of the Midrealm, selected other displays..
      West Hall--Changing rooms. Divided by screens or curtains to separate men's and women's changing rooms. Should be OK to leave stuff here.
      East Hall--Royalty room, for possible Four Kingdoms of royal families.
      Double Classroom near stairway--Technology center. for scanning old photos, recording stories, slideshows, etc.
      Women's and men's bathrooms, small. (Too small to be changing rooms.)

      3rd floor:
      Theatre/ auditorium--Classes/ activites/ panel discussions
      Kitchen--Tavern #3.

      Basement: Women's and men's bathrooms, large, but too small to be changing rooms for 600 people.

      Rockefeller Chapel--Court. time TBD.

      The plans for the event are evolving nicely. Here is the current status of the plans. At this time, there are three levels of planning, and each level has lots of items in it.
      1. Confirmed plans.
      2. Plans in discussion stages.
      3. Wish list.and ideas.

      Confirmed plans. (Confirmed means that someone has been selected/ volunteered to be the person in charge. Could be either local people or visitors).
      Site token: embroidered commemorative patch
      Troll--Mistress JulianaPeri da Novellara and Lord Wolfram von Waldersbach (Gargoyles exchequer, since all the event money will be handled through the Gargoyles bank account).
      Class/ panel discussion/ display--Evolution of SCA Armor. Sir Talbot McTaggert, OL.
      Class--Introduction to the SCA and to the XL Event for Newcomers. THL Hillary of Langforde and a Royal Peer To Be Determined.
      Display--40 Years of Midrealm Award Scrolls. Master Johannes Von Narrenstein from Mynydd Seren.
      Display--The Great Booke of the Midrealm. Mistress Siobhan O'Rourke from Andelcrag.
      Display--Midrealm Reliquary. THL Azrael ben Shemhazi from Sternfeld, Editor of the Pale.
      Fundraiser--Dragon buttons of pewter. limited edition sets. Baron Etienne des Roches.
      Fundraiser--Midrealm XL t-shirts. Maestra Margherita Alessia (Ghita).
      Decoration--50-ft banner, red and white. previously used for Felix and Madaleina's coronation. Fern de la Foret.
      Website--http://cleftlands.cwru.edu/mk40.html, linked to Midrealm Calendar. Maintained by Baroness Milesent Vibert, Baroness of the Cleftlands.
      Aryeton History website--Lady Nadezda ZeZastrizl, Lord Richard de Scolay.
      Emergency backup deputy--Master Philip White.

      Plans in discussion stages.
      Taverns, unspecified--Barony of Carrig Ban (Mistress Winifred Halsey), Barony of Donnershaften (Baroness Ailikn Olfsdottir); Shire of Foxvale (Lady Kara Alltardottir); household of Mistress Kay of Triastrium, Dark Horde (Lord Aethelwulf of Dover). These groups have expressed interest so far and they will be making a detailed proposal before final decisions are made.
      Class/ activity--Midrealm Choir. Lady Teleri ferch Morgant ap Rhys.
      Rendezvous Point for Chivalry, Laurels, Pelicans, and others as requested--Some kind of meeting point will be established to enable all members of each group to find each other and reconnect with old friends. Other groups beside peers can request a rendezous point, too. I will need one leader person to take responsbility for being host for each group. NOT a peerage meeting--family, households, friends are welcome.
      Tourneys--Youth,  Fouth Decade of the Midrealm (Heavy and Rapier tournaments), Baronial Challenge (theoretically, baronial champions in a Pas d'Armes style).
      Class/ activity--Jeopardy game with Midrealm history. Baroness Kristiana of Arden.

      Wish list and ideas.
      Event photographer--to take pictures, and get names, of the reunion groups, and other groups.
      Technology center--scanner and laptop so people can bring in old pictures and share them digitally.
      Video or voice recording--equipment to record the famous old SCA stories. maybe edit them onto a CD later? (Reports from Calontir 25th anniversary said that collecting stories via recording was the hit of the event!)
      Kingdom banners--A matched set of banners/ bannerers/ pennants/ pennoncels, one for each of the Midrealm family kingdoms. These can fly from the third-floor balcony at the beginning of the day, and then they can lead the procession into court. Then we can present them to the visiting Royalty as gifts from the generous and hospitable (incipient) Barony of Aryeton!
      Midrealm Barony banners--similar to above, but only the 18 Midrealm baronies (19, counting Aryeton). What a great public relations effect!
      Class/ activity--First Garb Fashion show
      Wall of Remembrance/ Absent Friends--posters/ pictures/ info about absent friends
      Display-- Timeline of Midrealm history
      Genealogy Lists of Royalty/ Chivalry/ Laurels/ Pelicans
      Maps of the Known Worlde
      Class--Constitutional History (All those Strange Laws have a Story behind Them)
      Class/ activity--Songs of the SCA
      Class/ activity--Stories of the Pennsic WArs
      Historic T shirts of the SCA
      Lots of Merchants.
      Arts and Sciences Masterpieces, first and last--displays of a pair of A&S projects: the first attempts vs the masterpiece.

      I think that I have remembered everything. If you have talked to me about some idea, and it isn't on this list, please remind me!

      Thank you very much,


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