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3793Re: [Ayreton] Thanks from the Head Server

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  • Dolores Becker
    Mar 29, 2009
      I thought the feather of doom belonged to Maeve the Effervescent.  Or was it that Maeve's FoD was reminiscent of Hilary's?  Whatever happened to Maeve, anyway?

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      I thought hitting bystanders was your forte.  I seem to remember an event, awhile back, when you wore a feathered hat and you slaying most of the known world with that feather.  Thank God we had the good sense to ban you from ever owning feathered hats again.  In fact in think that is a Society law, isn't it? 
      Your, still, best friend even if I am in the Middle East, Fiona
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      Subject: [Ayreton] Thanks from the Head Server
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      Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009, 10:38 AM

      Greeting Ayreton!!!
      Many thanks are due to the good gentles who volunteered to serve feast yesterday, and as the head server 'tis my job to give them.
      Thank you so much to:
      Antonia Febris da Ravenna
      Aaron Fitzgibbons (Who also did a wonderful job of entertaining us during feast.)
      THL Nadezda
      Maestra Gwen Nocturnal
      and Gareth for serving.
      They did a fantastic job of getting food to the tables with style, grace and good humor.  And they put up with me.
      My personal thanks to THL Kuji and Gozen for heralding feast.  If I am ever stuck in a desert island without food or water I pick Kuji to be stuck there with me.  He can make food appear out of thin air.  Very handy.
      Francesca and Kateline and Gareth thanks for helping set up the feast hall beforehand.
      Dame Nicholaa and your kitchen staff.  WOW!  First of all for the food, which was amazing.  Second for making sure we had fed servers and for brilliantly getting the food to the servers in the feast hall rather than the servers to the food.  It truly made things run unbelievably smoothly.
      And to all who helped clean up afterwards, a thank you, a smile and a hand shake. 
      The event is self was a blast - Yeah SARAFINA and her event staff!  Loved the Carnivale games.  Although I believe the shoot the fireball in the castle game was rigged as everyone under the age of fifteen could "burn down the towers" and oddly mine just kept hitting innocent bystanders.  Hmmm.
      Thanks again to all!
      Best "Almost a Barony" Ever!

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