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3759a Traveler looking for a New Home

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  • Roy Sherrill
    Mar 17, 2009
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      greetings to the citizens of The Incipient Barony of Ayreton.

      I am Myrddin O' Aberdoughladdif , aka {Roy Sherrill}

      I am Moving into your Area From Jararvellir in Northshield and am seeking advice on whee to look for a place to stay and what activities are available for someone new to the area. I have been in the SCA since april 83 and have lived all over the known world from Antier, Caid, & Western Seas, to Trimaris, the East and even Drakenwald. I am Disabled and in a Powered wheel Chair so am more into the A&S, Crafting, Armoring, Chainmail, Fiber arts, and Cooking than in the Martial skills. The closest i get is archery and Building Siege Engines.

      I have Been inactive for a couple years do to my scooter being broken and lack of assessable Transportation services in Madison Wisconsin. i am getting a new Power Wheelchair today and will be moving to Chicago on or around April 1st. I will be traveling to Chicago on 3-17 or 3-18 and will be there for a few days apartment hunting. the time frame depends on when i can find an affordable place to stay during and after my search.

      I am seeking advice on where to look and where to avoid for wheel chair assessable accommodation both for during my apartment hunting and permanent accommodation. I am Transferring my SSDI and Section 8 to the chicago area so have to find a place within thier rules for long term. mainly i am seeking someplace that would allow me to get active again in the SCA rather than being a prisoner of my apartment like i have been for the lats 2 1/2 years.

      if you can give me some pointers please call me at (608) 824-0548 Home or myrddinstarhawk@... and myrdinstarhawk in yahoo im.