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37Re: Ayreton Announcement Changes - A practical approach.

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  • Chris Todesco
    Apr 27, 2006
      Thank you, your Criershipness, but I'd like to make a few additional

      - Anyone who wants to can be a moderator, and now that first-posts
      have to be approved, the more people who can do this job the better.

      - In addition to asking conversation be kept to the local the default
      "reply-to" is set to the AUTHOR, not the list-- so if you want to make
      a public reply, you have to change the To: line to

      - Yes, anyone can make announcements. Even birthday, congratulations,
      party, for-sale, or any announcements that are of interest to the
      whole area, not just event/meeting announcements.

      - Also, any member can currently put events on the calendar. I try to
      add all events that I see posted to mailing lists and web pages, but
      I'm sure I miss some. But please, if you do, remember to turn OFF the
      Reminder. The default 15 minute reminder is useless and annoying, and
      unfortunately I can't change the default.

      ~Tedesco da Venezia~
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