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3606SCA Information Booth Staff

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Jan 30, 2009
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           Tha SCA Information Booth Staff are:

      Friday 6 Feb: Etienne (3-4)
                          Mihri (4-7)

      Saturday 7 Feb: Kate & Erik Moan (9-12)
                              Hilla Hamasdottir (12-1)
                              Francesca de Marmandy (12-2)
                              Arrienne Ashford (1-5)
                              Cerian Cantwr (5-6)

      Sunday 8 Feb: Anne of Walton Wood (9-2)
                            Lisa Menkhaus (11-12)

      Break substitutes: Calibrid ine Tere
                                 Marie la Fauconniere
                                 Metylda nic Lochlainn
                                 Elaine Ladd & Xavier
                                 Tabitha Pennywarden

      These people, on the days they are staffing the SCA Information Booth, pay a $5 site fee at the gate. If you have questions or problems, please contact me. I will be at "Maidens" (probably around the rapier list) and at the Reenactor Fest as the merchant "Celtic Sun".

      I thank you all for volunteering your time and effort. To those who also volunteered, but are not listed, I thank you for your support. I could not let in everyone who volunteered. 

      Alexander de Seton
      John Seaton