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  • Tedesco da Venezia
    Oct 16, 2006
      Great News!  We've confirmed that we can have our event in Glenbrook North High School's athletic wing!  This is the regular Thieves of Heart fighter practice site in Glenview, and is very easy to get to from either I-94 or I-294.  This site includes:
      - The fieldhouse-- a huge indoor track-and-field facility, rubberize floor, bleachers, high ceilings, etc.
      - FOUR small gymnasiums that we can use for feast, A&S, classes, merchants, populace, etc.
      - Nice washrooms ( i.e. not the ones that the students use, they're only unlocked for games)
      - Locker rooms and showers!  (but only if we clean them afterwards, which shouldn't be a problem)
      - A grassy areas around the softball field and the stadium for outdoor fighting.
      - The stadium itself, which we have confirmed we can do archery in!
      - Kitchen facilities are still being talked about, though there's a home-ec room we should be able to use-- five stations, each with its own stoves, oven, microwave, sink, utensils, workspace; plus a few large stainless steel prep tables.
      The only thing this site lacks is small classrooms for A&S, but it shouldn't be a problem to set up tables in the smaller gymnasiums for A&S.

      Now the price...  $500.  Yup, that's it!  This price is for their insurance policy-- we haven't talked to them about what it covers vs. the society insurance policy, but at such a low price I'm not sure it's worth nitpicking over.

      Dates for this spring-- We've confirmed availability of March 31st, April 7th, and April 14th.  March 24th is currently tentative--might be problematic because of a girls softball game in the above mentioned softball field.  Any earlier and we'd run into Gulf Wars, and the rest of April is reserved for War Faire and Spring Coronation, plus the high school has home games which will be using those facilities.  April 7th is Easter weekend, so we probably will want to shy away from that.  So realistically the choice is between March 31st and April 14th. 

      Although this site is very appealing, nothing has been agreed to yet--I'm actually still chasing one other lead, and I know a few other people have been checking.  Anyone else still have a good lead on a site?

      ~Tedesco da Venezia~

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