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354312th Night

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  • Joanne Labny
    Jan 18, 2009
      I was sorry to miss all my friends this past weekend, unfortunately I have had car engine problems and my furnace died on Friday (yes, the coldest day of the year...BRRR) which inflicted a fatal wound on the bank account causing me to have to skip the event.  I am glad to hear some many of you received awards and the well deserved recognition for all the time and effort put forth in your art, science and service activities.
      A little good news, sort of.  Due to some delay in paperwork I have had to delay my departure from Foxvale, Ayreton and the Middle Kingdom.  I am glad I will have some additional time to catch up with friends I have not been able to see yet, but sad because I am missing my husband.  At this point my travel plans are up in the air, but I hope to still be here for the monthly Baronial Meeting to say some final good-byes.
      Congratulations, again to everyone on their awards well earned and for what I have heard was a spectacular event.

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