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3526Twelfth Night Servers

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  • mandy lemke
    Jan 14, 2009
      Dear folks of Ayreton,
           As we are all bundling up this is just a small note to name those who are serving. If you are interested in serving please contact me off list. If you are unable to serve and your name appears here please email me immediately or call me. There will be a server's meeting day of the event near the kitchens. There will also be a list for you to check your name off of up by troll. Thank you for all your help.
      Lady Francesca/mandy

      Servers for Twelfth Night
      1. Hillary - Aggie
      2. Gareth - Jeff
      3. Andrew 
      4. Francesca - Mandy
      5. Seamus
      6. Richard - Bernal
      7. Emily
      8. Gwen - Cindy
      9. Pheobe - PJ
      10. Elaine - Lynn
      11. Antonia
      12. Ansel - Jimmy
      13. Ryan
      14. Ellen - Rebecca
      15. Fiona - Joanne
      16. Heather

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