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3519Youth Combat at 12th Night

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  • Thomas Hughes
    Jan 13, 2009
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      First, let us apologize for the breadth of this posting.


      Youth Combat will be held this Saturday at the Kingdom 12th Night at Tree Girt Sea at the Irish American Heritage Center (IAHC) in Chicago.  This will be a Rose Tourney where the youth combatants will fight for our most Gracious Roses.  We will have tournaments for all three Youth Combat Divisions and for our Youth Armored Combat division, if we have a sufficient fighters.  The single combat tournament format will be communicated at the event.  Note, this will be a tournament where chivalry will be paramount!


      The Youth Combat list will open promptly at 1:30PM in the IAHC Social Center for combatants/parents to sign in, armor inspections, authorizations, and time permitting, a special fighting class to be given by a member of the Chivalry.  The tournament will begin at approximately 2 PM when the meeting of the Order of Pelicans is scheduled to be completed.  Due to a very tight schedule for Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and other activities at 12th Night, we must make sure that all youth combatants are ready to fight at 2 PM!  Also, we need to complete the tourneys by about 3PM so the room can be reset for Performing Arts at 4PM and for Court at 5PM.  Youth combatants participating in the tourneys will be called upon after the tourney to help the event staff turn around the room for subsequent activities planned for the room.  This service includes removing all youth combat armor, weapons and shields from the Social Center at the end division’s tourney.  Note, the Social Center will also be used as the Populous day site.  Event staff will make sure that we have adequate floor space to provide for a list field of sufficient size to ensure both combatant and Populous safety.


      We are looking forward to seeing all of you this Saturday!


      Yours in Service,


      Mistress Acelina and Master Sean o’Shaughnessy

      Youth Combat Marshals for 12th Night