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3506demo help-Elgin blue and gold banquet-Feb 21st

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  • KCMalone3@aol.com
    Jan 8, 2009
      Once again I am asking for help with a Blue and Gold banquet in Elgin.  Presently, it is me, my 4 kids and one other Ayreton member coming. 

      One of the scouts saw a previous SCA demo and requested us.  His mom searched us out!  the details in full....We can use both fighters and nonfighters.  And you can come to either or both parts of the evening.

      February 21st
      5:30-need some members to be there to greet the families as they arrive (can get into the school at 5 if needed)
      Afterwards, we are welcome to partake in their feast of (probably) fried chicken and a party sub with dishes the scouts will bring from home. 
      Award ceremony
      7ish start with the SCA fighting demo (you can come for only this part if you wish)-my 4 kids can be there to do youth fighting if Acelina or Sean (or any other youth approved marshal) would come and marshal the fight.  We also need heavy fighters and rapier fighters to add to the program! 

      the lady in charge is getting ready to decorate.  She needs an answer so she can plan something else if enough people cannot attend on that night!

      She is wanting to put together a program of the names of those fighting (which doesnt mean you cant come if you decide later!).  She would like to include real names and SCA names if possible and some description of the fighting that is being demonstrated. 

      Thank you!


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