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3456Going Away Party

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  • Joanne Labny
    Dec 14, 2008
      It struck me this weekend how soon it will be that I will be leaving all my friend and family of Ayreton and especially of Foxvale.  I would like to take this time to invite everyone to a going away party at my home on Sat. Jan 10th starting at 2pm until ???. 
      I do realize this is the weekend before 12th Night in TGS and many of you may be involved with some last minutes duties to make this event successful.  Unfortunately, since I am leaving the week after 12th Night there is no other time for this party.  I hope everyone will be able to at least stop by and feel free to bring along any projects you may need to work on for the event as I am sure there will be plenty of hands to also help you out. 
      I will be providing pizza, chips and pop for the party.  At Earik's going away party, many people asked if they should bring anything.  I am leaving that up to you.  This is not strictly a potluck but any food donations will not be turned away and would be appreciated. 
      I do have a couple of request I am hoping all of you can help me with.  The 1st is I can't bring any alcohol with me when I move, so I will need everyone's help finishing off what we have here.  The 2nd request is I have lots of things which will not be making the trip to the UAE.  I would like you to take the time to go through the items not being moved overseas and take whatever you find that you can use.  Anything left over will be donated to Goodwill, so please don't be shy about putting on your best Viking or Mongol persona and pillaging my house.  Below is my home address and phone number.  I hope to see everyone there.
      Merry Christmas
      1305 Cherry Dr
      Batavia, IL 60510