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3448Post-Holiday Musical Performance Opportunity

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  • adam.trent
    Dec 12, 2008
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      Greetings! As some of you know, I recently accepted the position of
      HR Coordinator with the Fourth Presbyterian Church, downtown at

      Of our numerous community outreach programs, the Chicago Lights
      Center for Life & Learning (CLL) provides college-level education,
      exercise, social and wellness offerings for men and women in
      the 'prime of life'.

      The CLL participants will be visiting the LUMA (Loyola University
      Museum of Art) in January, to receive a docent tour of the
      Renaissance, Medieval and Baroque art collection. I was contacted by
      the CLL staff to forward a request for MUSICIANS who are willing to
      perform at this event.

      This takes place on a Monday evening, January 26, from 4-6pm. The
      LUMA is located at 820 N. Michigan Avenue, only a block from the
      church. Parking at 900 N. Michigan would be provided AT NO COST by
      Fourth Presbyterian.

      This would be a fun, laid-back way to see some art, play to an
      appreciative audience and hone your talent. Garb would be
      a plus though certainly not mandated. If you are at all
      interested or know of someone who might be, please contact me OFF-
      LIST to discuss it further.

      If you need more information on the Chicago Lights program, they have
      a site at www.chicagolights.org.

      Blessings to all for a memorable & peaceful holiday.