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3444December Pale Correction: Kingdom Twelfth Night

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  • Craig
    Dec 9, 2008
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      Greetings All!

      Due to a printing error the December Pale was published with a copy
      of the event advertisement for last years Twelfth Night. Please
      ignore the information in that advertisement.

      The January Pale ad will have a correct copy of the ad and
      information is available online at: http://tilted-

      Also note that pre-registration closes January 7, 2009. Pre-
      registration gives you a discount on site and helps you get a chance
      at feast. Feast has already started selling out so go online soon.
      Pay by debit or credit card at: http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php

      In the meantime – here is the correct information about the event:

      Kingdom Twelfth Night: A Roman Masque in 16th C. Italy

      (Juno a good time when you see one!)

      The Province of Tree-Girt-Sea will host Kingdom Twelfth Night on
      January 17th, 2009.

      We welcome Their Royal Majesties King Ullr Amarnthson and Queen
      AnneLyse Van Gavere and Their Royal Highnesses Prince Eikbrandr
      Solgyafi and Princess Runa Eikbrandrswif.

      We also welcome Princess Jocea Valente of Ealdormere and Prince
      Stephen du Bois and Princess Ailleanne ingen Faelin of Northshield.

      Join us in celebrating the season and the traditions that make this
      time special! Our theme is "A Roman Masque in 16th Century Italy" –
      so expect some Italian flavor with Roman flair.

      You can enjoy any number of great activities. Please see our event
      website for more information and contact the different activity
      coordinators with any questions. The event stewards are also happy to
      help with any inquiries.

      Here are some highlights (By Jove it'll be fun!):

      Roman Masque:

      We invite you to celebrate the season as our guests in Sixteenth
      Century Italy. As we are always looking for enjoyment please come
      join the Roman Masque. What is more fun than Italians pretending to
      be Romans? See websites for ideas to help participate with the theme.

      Ayreton Craftsperson's Faire:

      A Laurel/Populace prize tourney with artists invited to display for
      feedback and commentary. We also have a performance time before
      Court. There will not be formal judging as this is not a competition.
      Contact Dame Nicholaa (nhalden@...) if you are interested in

      A&S Classes:

      We've already had a number of classes offered for the schedule.
      Schedule and class information will be published soon.

      Youth Tourney with sponsors from the Order of the Rose:

      Returning for a second year is the Youth Tourney with different
      sponsors from the Order of the Rose. Youth combatants can test their
      skill and demonstrate their prowess and chivalry to the populous.
      Come and watch. Support your children and sponsor those of your
      friends by bringing favors and heralding their good deeds. Contact
      Mistress Acelina (acelinaofderelei@...) as the Marshal in
      Charge for more information.

      Roman Feast: Reservations limited.

      Contact Lady Tacit (snhagge@...) or Mistress Gianetta
      (jenrsmall@...) for more information.

      Further Activities:

      Authentic Artifact Display
      Basket Fundraiser
      Combined Fighter Practice on Sunday
      Dance Classes
      Lunch will be served.
      Irish Pub open on site from 2pm – 1am.
      Masked Ball
      Mask Making Activity
      Peerage and Curia Meetings

      Take pleasure in company and friendship as you take part in our
      afternoon meal. And make sure to stay through the evening to enjoy a
      feast and masqued ball that is sure to please. We look forward to
      welcoming you to the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea in the Incipient
      Barony of Ayreton!

      Event Stewards:

      Master Philip White
      (Craig W. Shupeé)

      Master Cerian Cantwr
      (Charles Grab)
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