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3424Ayreton Newsletter -- SUBMISSION REMINDER, December issue

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  • Jen Small
    Dec 1, 2008
      Unto the good citizens of Ayreton does the Chronicler send greetings!
      I am preparing to assemble the December issue of the Ayreton Zephyr, our Baronial Newsletter, and I need your articles! 
      Our theme this quarter is the history of Ayreton, so please send me stories of Ayreton, the history of your local group, any "No s*** I was there" stories, or anything else.  I'll be delighted to include it in the newsletter.
      If you have anything else you'd like to send, including articles, recipes, announcements, or essays, please send them along!  If you published something in your local group's newsletter and would like it to receive wider distribution, send it along!
      Yours in service,
      Ayreton Chronicler

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