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3421Attention All Ayreton-area Archery Marshals

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  • Wolfram von Waldersbach
    Nov 28, 2008
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      To all Ayreton-area Archery Marshals,
      When you send in your Quarterly Reports to the Midlands Regional Archery Marshal, make sure to also CC me (wolfram_von_waldersbach@...). Also, if you could send in your Quarterly Report a couple of days earlier than the 1.December.08 deadline, that would be great, as I will making an Ayreton Archery Report, and will include the various archery activities that have been going on in the IB. 
      Also, remember this report is the Domesday report, so be sure to include your rosters!
      I thank you for your time.

      In Service,

      -Wolfram von Waldersbach, C.D.B.
      "Voca me cum benedictis" 
      Archery Marshal of the Incipient Barony of Ayreton & of the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles
      Exchequer of the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles
      2008 Midlands Regional Archery Champion

      "Es gibt zwei Sachen das sollte man besser nicht wissen wie es gemacht wird- Wurst und Politik"- Otto von Bismarck

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