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3384Ayreton Newsletter -- REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS!

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  • Jen Small
    Nov 18, 2008
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      Greetings unto the populace of Ayreton from the Chronicler!
      The next newsletter will be published in December.  Although we had previously mentioned a different theme, the theme we'd like to do for this issue is the History of Ayreton.  Please send any stories you have about the history of Ayreton and the groups within it.  These could be:
      - Stories of the first events you attended in the area
      - Stories about the creation of the Towne of Ayreton
      - Stories about the founding of your local group
      - Anything else you can think of that would add and enhance the lore of our area!
      Please send your stories, articles, or even short quotes to me by the end of November.
      Thanks, everyone!
      Yours in service,
      Ayreton Chronicler