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337[Ayreton] Re: re "Ayreton" event

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  • Sir Ix
    Oct 6 11:34 AM
      [Ayreton] Re: re "Ayreton" event
      From the outside, but has anyone considered that Ayreton could do the Regional A&S as part of a super event with something for everyone?


      We haven't yet settled on a date since we're still in site selection,
      but I believe we're targeting no earlier than April 7 and no later
      than April 21. I will of course let you know as soon as we've pinned
      it down.

      In service,

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, Dayle Harding <acelinaofderelei@...>
      > Marie--
      > Do you happen to know what date the A&S faire would like to be on?
      This could also help us with our planning. I know we didn't want to
      compete with it, no matter where it was going to be held.
      > Thanks,
      > Acelina

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