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  • Dolores Becker
    Nov 6, 2008
      Hope I'm not embarrassing myself by asking this, but to what event does this request apply? 

      Moose (happy to exchange clean dishes for filthy lucre if you tell me where and when...)
      The almost right life is nothing at all. The right life is dangerous, open-ended, more questions than answers, a map to undiscovered countries.
      -- 'Chasing Shakespeares' by Sarah Smith

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      To: Ayreton@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, November 2, 2008 9:52:38 PM
      Subject: [Ayreton] Calling for volunteers...

         We at the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles are seeking volunteers to help with some of the dishwashing duties of the feast's serving dishes and cooking utensils beforehand as well as after use.
           But Wait There's More...As Event Steward and minter of our highly sought-after Stone Dog Inn coinage I am willing to PAY, That's Right I Said PAY our lucky volunteers the sum of 100 (!!!) Talons to each person for easy dishwashing duty. This is limited by the amount of dishwashing at hand, and to just those needed gentles who step up first, so Don't Delay, Act NOW for this special offer. You may bring your own Shamwows.
      And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Event

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