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3344RE: [Ayreton] 2nd Survey call for non-rattan Peerage

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  • Sheehan, Justin
    Nov 5, 2008

      *Potential* bias? That survey is laughable! Although I do believe that a lot of people would have trouble writing a neutrally worded survey, especially concerning an issue they feel passionate about, this particular document should probably be rewritten if a legitimate dialogue it to take place based on its results.






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      Subject: [Ayreton] 2nd Survey call for non-rattan Peerage


      There is some discussion about the wording in this survey and its potential bias, but it is out there if you choose to participate.


      In service,



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      Since the Society Chronicler decided that an unofficial survey couldn't be announced in kingdom newsletters, even with "Paid Advertisement" prominently displayed, it is really important in order to get a useful sample, that the information about the survey be forwarded to local mailing lists.  Most of the kingdom doesn't subscribe to Middlebridge. .  Even if you think that a peerage for rapier fighters or archers, etc. is nuts, please pass along word about this survey and encourage people to make their opinion known.


      --Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa


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      Subject: [Mid] 2nd Survey call

      Peerage for Non-Rattan Combat Survey

      This is the second announcement of the survey. If you have not yet
      taken the survey, please do so now.

      Please forward this to your kingdom email group and any other groups
      that might be interested as well.

      The populace of the Society is invited to participate in a survey to
      determine if there is support for the notion of Peerage recognition
      for fields of Society Martial Arts other than Rattan combat. If you
      feel that those who display Peer-like behavior in such fields as
      Fencing, Arch ery, Siege Engineering, Equestrian, etc are worthy of
      Peerage recognition, or believe that they do not, we invite you to
      make your opinion known, and would ask that you invite others to
      express their views on the matter as well. This survey will end Dec.
      15. This is not an official poll of the SCA, Inc., though the results
      will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for their consideration.
      Please take the Survey at:

      http://groups. yahoo..com/ group/SCAPeerage Survey/

      And click the link in the large font.

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