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3320Business Meeting Agenda for Sunday 11.09.08

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  • Craig
    Oct 30, 2008
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      Greetings All,

      Business meeting to start at 6:00 pm. Location: Ida Noyes Hall - 59th
      St. and Woodlawn Ave. , Chicago , IL 60637

      Do people want to do a potluck again? Please speak up if interested.

      Remember that we continue our Baronial Charter meetings which will
      start before the business meeting. I believe that it will begin at
      4:00 p.m. and Master Robyyan can correct me if I am wrong.

      This is also the location for Armored Combat practice so feel free to
      come early. Practice starts at 2:00 p.m..

      Here is the agenda for the upcoming Ayreton Business Meeting. If you
      have any questions feel free to contact me.

      • Upcoming Business Meeting Host Schedule (3 min)
      • Ayreton Officer Reports (no more than 5 min each if reporting)
      • Transition Update (5 min)
      • Ayreton Events:
      o Ayreton Carnivale (5 min)
      o Roses (5 min)
      o XL Celebration / Fall Coronation (5 min)
      • Upcoming Local Events (5 min)
      • Other Announcements

      If you'd like to talk about something in particular that is not on
      the agenda let me know and we may be able to add it. We'd still like
      to move through the meeting quickly so that we do not miss anything.

      And the faster we get through the agenda – the sooner we get to move
      to socializing for some and Charter planning for others…

      See you soon!

      Your Servant to Command,
      ~Philip White, Ayreton Seneschal