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3298Ayreton Arts Academy III

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  • Philippa of Otterbourne
    Oct 27, 2008
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      Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves Saturday. I saw people doing
      fiber arts, scribal arts, pottery, woodworking, making music, singing,
      etc. The Arts were certainly well represented!

      Thank you to everyone who came out and joined in the fun. Thanks to
      those who brought food for the pot luck, there were some yummy things
      on offer! :)

      Thanks to everyone who helped move chairs and tables and put them
      back. I know the library appreciated that we had the room back in
      order well before their closing time.

      Thanks to Bojei for hosting the post-revel. :)

      Hope you all had a great time! Those who missed it, hope you can make
      it to Ayreton Art Academy IV wherever and whenever that may be.

      Philippa of Otterbourne
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