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3262Fwd: [Mid] Field Heraldry at Crown Tourney

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Oct 13, 2008

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      Subject: [Mid] Field Heraldry at Crown Tourney

           I will be handling the field heraldry at Crown Tournament this Saturday, and would like to invite those who desire to assist as field heralds to see me near the list table on the morning of Crown Tournament, 18 October (this Saturday).
           I am looking for field heralds and folks to run the List Shield Trees at each list field. Training will be prior to the tournament. Come by and see me if you want to help and get a good seat for the tournament.
           If you have questions, contact me until Friday (I'm driving to the event Friday) at "alexdeset"at"aol.com. Thank you for your assistance!
      Is mise le meas,
      Alexander de Seton,
      Meadows Herald
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