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3246OT: Pirates and Fairies OH MY!

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  • Wendy Pastrick
    Oct 7, 2008
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      If anyone is interested in adding to your weekend of fun in the Naperville Area the weekend of Oct 24 & 25th - READ ON!

      Naper Settlement (downtown Naperville) is hosting their annual All Hallow's Eve and are looking for Pirates. Ideally, they would love to have people who are trained in swordfighting (ie - fencers!). I've been asked to help staff the Pirate Ship, so please let me know if you would be interested in entertaining the masses (they had over 2000 visitors last year) as a Pirate. They currently have one female swordfighter, but definitely need a second to make their 'scenario' work. Yes, the ladies get to fight over the captain. I think I will suggest for them next year to have the captain be female and the guys fight over her!

      Also, we are staffing a Fairie contingent to help entertain the smaller kids. I have two so far, but need at least two more. So, if you would be inclined to dress up in fairie wings and carry a wand, please let me know! I have full creative control over the Fairie realm there, so if you have any ideas, please bring them :)  Could go the way of the Fae instead of Tinkerbell....

      Please contact me offlist if you can help out either Friday or Saturday (or BOTH!) as I need to have a list of names to the facility before Monday, Oct 20th.

      Thanks so much,