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3243OT: Hearth Night

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  • Folo Watkins
    Oct 5, 2008
      Micel Folcland's Fall Hearth Night is next weekend, 11-12 October.
      Free to attend, sleeping in the cabin, the Gannet center or in tents.
      Costume and period tents not required. For more information, see

      It's gonna be fun. We'll be dealing with making period arrows,
      cooking over a hearth, textiles, combat training and more. We'll have
      plenty of room for archery practice, and I'm bringing a couple nice
      DVDs. It's not really publicized but is open to the public. Last year
      we have some folk stop by from ACW and had a nice conversation; in
      fact, they were the ones who alerted us to the Amish tentmakers down
      in Arthur, Ill.

      Cheers, Folo