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321Re: [Ayreton] Minutes from the Towne Hall meeting on 9/30 (fox hunt)

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  • Dayle Harding
    Oct 3, 2006
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      Up for it?  Dunno.  Resigned that it's gonna happen with or without her blessing?  Yea.  Actually, it would be cool if I wasn't the one leading it.  I like the IDEA of it....just not ME....but I'd do it. 

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      In a message dated 10/03/2006 9:20:23 PM Central Daylight Time, sibeal63@yahoo. com writes:

      When my husband was stationed in Italy there was a city named Marostica that we were priviliged to visit for a unique event that has been taking place since 1454. Here is a good

      What a great site, Sibeal!  I think that would be fun if our mayor is up for the parade! 

      Anna Rakel

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