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313Re: [Ayreton] Minutes from the Towne Hall meeting on 9/30 (fox hunt)

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2006
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           As far as I know, the McHenry county "fairgrounds" (who realatively recently sold most of their land including a racetrack, etc, to a strip mall) consists of some fields and a few stock pavillions. It is in Woodstock, on the western side of the county, north of the intersection of rte 14 and 47.
           Lake county has good facilities, but are well booked and cost a good bit.
      Is mise le meas,
      Alexander de Seton
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      Ok, I can speak from experience about the DuPage county fair grounds, and I did visit the Kane County fairgrounds once in hopes of a site.

      DuPage county fairgrounds is booked ALOT, but alot of groups, which makes for limited availability.  The main building would be great, but is hardly ever available.  Those who went to the two events we did there know that the "cafeteria" has only a marginal kitchen (I'm being kind), and there wasn't alot of indoor fighting space.  We were promised hot water in the showers, but apparently that never really happened.  And the animal smells were way worse.  I can't remember price off the top of my head, but I can look it up if we are really serious about it.

      Kane county has some great potential, but the availability issue is questionable.  I seem to recall that it was expensive for the times, as well.  But always worth looking into. 

      I have no info about McHenry or Lake County fairgrounds.  And does Cook County HAVE a fairgrounds? (answer probably at one time, but as a lifetime suburbanite, I have no clue).


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