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  • Jenna Klauss
    Oct 2, 2006
      Hello to the List,
         Just as a 411 the Lake County & Grayslake Board has sold the location @ Rt 120 & Rt 45 for the fair grounds.  I live in Grayslake and try to keep informed about my towns happenings. From what I understand the Fair will be held at the Rt 45 & Rt 120 location through the 2007 season.  They plan to start moving it to the new location in 2008. (Never 100% in my special little town, for timing that is.)  So that, unfortunately, would not be a site that location would stay the same, in years to come. Being new I don't know if that becomes a factor or not.  I can try to find out where they are moving it to, but not sure of that either due to declining population of the fair. Anything you would like me to find out in particular while I am digging and asking.  Acelina if you have more direct ?'s for me to answer you can email me off the list as well.
      Cheers & Kisses

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