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3118Sunday Ayreton Fighter practice-lots of choices

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  • Fern
    Sep 13, 2008
      Dear Aryeton,

      I'm expecting to have a wonderful SCA day tomorrow at the Roselle site. Not only is there a nice meeting AND potluck planned for our incipient Barony, but there will also be a chance to discuss plans and brainstorm for the possible event to celebrate the Midrealm XL year anniversary, AND I get to have fighting practice in the same location. Practically an event!

      For tomorrow's fighting practice, I have accepted the challenge to do something new this year. I'm going to learn the rules for sparring with the youth heavy fighters, and see if I can get approved to work with them for training. Maybe even become a youth marshall. (Master Sean O'Shaughessy assures me that it is within my ability level!).

      I met several of our youth fighters at a demo last month, and I was much impressed with their maturity level and their skill. Tomorrow is a good time for me to start working with them, because I expect that they will wear me out, and I will then be happy for an excuse to disarm and go discuss event planning. It's not easy to keep up with enthusiastic youngsters!

      Furthermore, I believe that there are still Pennsic stories that I haven't heard yet!

      Looking forward to tomorrow,


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      Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 12:12 PM

      Hi all--

      Actually, there is a church picnic UNTIL 2 pm, so if people could come closer to 2:30, that would be fabulous.  I just got this word last night. 

      There are maps to the RUMC on the Vanished Wood page (look for the link to All Souls Day).

      There will be a member of VW there at 2:30, however, I won't be there until after my daughter's parade (yea, Marching Band Season).


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      This coming Sunday, September 14th, we will be having practice in a
      different location than usual. Weather permitting of course.

      When: Sunday September 14, 2008 at 2:00 PM

      Where: Roselle United Methodist Church - 206 Rush St - Roselle, IL

      Note that this is the same location as the Baronial Business Meeting at

      Henry of Exeter

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