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310Re: [Ayreton] Minutes from the Towne Hall meeting on 9/30 (fox hunt)

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Oct 2 4:30 PM
           Quoth Herronnah, in part,..."Ravenslake site for Border Skirmish and MKAOD.  Limited indoor site, but great outdoor site.  Good kitchen, good bathrooms, hot showers (yeaaaaa).  Good parking.  Not sure about the public transportation thing (Ravenslake people, feel free to jump in here).  Obviously, is able to be a camping event.  Approximate price:  $2500.  Contact person(s):  Ravenslake people (I gotta start writing down names)."...
           There is no kitchen there. They have outlets, a refrigerator, and some coolers- we cook in tabletop roasters and crock pots. Nope, no kitchen.
           No public transport, to speak of, either. Metra trains run to Fox Lake, McHenry, and Crystal lake, but then to get to the site you need friends with vehicles, a cab, or the PACE bus. Not good alternatives, except for the friends.
           Great camping site, groundfire OK, beach, no restrictions as far as activities since it is private property, 8000 sq foot hall (lots of echos) with a dais, dance floor, etc, and tables and chairs...Yup, the showers, we recommend getting about 2 porta potties to back up (excuse the expression) the indoor plumbing. Not so much fun if it rains, though...
      Is mise le meas,
      Alexander de Seton

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