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  • mandy lemke
    Sep 7, 2008
      Dear great citizens of Ayreton,
         The Incipient Shire of Foxvale is hosting it's annual event, Fox Hunt, on Sept. 20th this year. I am writing to request the following help for us:
      Servers - will be fed feast for FREE, am in need of 8 more plus 2 to 3 drink barers.
      Clean up crew - 5 to 6 people who will be fed feast for FREE, to help with dishes and general clean up.
      Please email me off list. I shall send you a confirmation as to having received your email. Or if you prefer, you can contact me on my cell phone - 630-768-0668. Just leave a message since I can't have my phone on at work.
      Just a small reminder, that we are hosting many different tourneys, and items all to help raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. Thank you in advance to all the help already given and still yet to be given.
      In Service,
      Francesca/ Mandy