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3067Planning for Midrealm 40 year? Sept 14?

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  • Fern
    Sep 3, 2008
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      Dear SCA-folk, Aryeton and friends,

      Now that the Pennsic excitement is over, and other summer activities are finished, it's a good time to think about more excitement!

      Who wants to talk about hosting the Midrealm 40-Year Celebration for sometime in 2009? I would really like to have a get-together conference with those who are interested in putting together an event bid. There have been so many good ideas about sites and and dates that it will be hard to settle down.

      How about an early conference on Sept 14th before the next Aryeton meeting, at the same location?  Acelina (I refer, of course, to Mistress Acelina! Congratulations!) says that we can use the church at an earlier time, say 4 pm. The Aryeton meeting is at 6 pm, so we would have plenty of time to talk. The next Aryeton meeting is at Roselle United Methodist Church, 206 Rush St,Roselle, IL 60172, according to Philip's email.

      At this time, there is no event bid from any other local group. In order to make the fundamental decision of whether we (the Incipient Barony) might even be interested, we should all get together and discuss our options. Then we can present the information at the Aryeton meeting. Of couse, this planning conference is not restricted to Aryeton people, in case anyone from Ravenslake or another group has some good ideas. The more, the merrier!

      We need to consider when, where, what kind of event (large vs small, camping vs day, choice of activities, themes), and how much to spend. Please bring along all your ideas on sites and all possible information about the site. The Midrealm will provide some level of financial support, depending upon our event bid.

      Hoping to see you soon,

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